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As a team of Brando wedding Photographer we ll be pleased to capture your special moments !

Choosing the right photography services is crucial to encapsule the magic of a wedding at The Brando.  Of course, we understand the importance of preserving these precious moments. Also, we are skilled enough to capturing the natural beauty of the surroundings. Without forgetting emotions and details of the celebration.

After 15 years working as photographer in Tahiti we have experience with tropical environments. Through our work you can see our ability to work with natural light. The vibrant colors and stunning landscapes of Tetiaroa provide a magnificent canvas. Besides, we know how to harness these elements to create breathtaking images.

Similarly, videography plays a vital role in documenting the dynamic and heartfelt moments of your wedding day. Sam ll  be pleased to discuss key moments you want to be highlighted to ensure that your wedding film reflects your personal story.

Additionally, drone photography services provide breathtaking aerial shots of the island’s stunning landscapes, crystal-clear lagoons, and lush greenery. Imagine a panoramic view of your beachfront ceremony or a romantic walk along the shore, all captured from above to highlight the island’s natural splendor. Moreover, these aerial photos add a dynamic and cinematic quality to your wedding album. Furthermore they showcase the grandeur of Tetiaroa in every frame.

Get married on a Luxurious Private Island


Wedding on Tetiaroa IslandNestled in the heart of French Polynesia, The Brando is a luxurious resort located in a tropical paradise. Besides, this exclusive retreat is set on a stunning private atoll owned by Marlon Brando. It offers a blend of natural beauty and serene privacy.Perfect for those seeking an unforgettable destination wedding !

From the moment you arrive, you are transported to a world of tranquility and elegance. Planning a wedding at The Brando means embracing the essence of paradise. The resort offers several picturesque venues for ceremonies. For example, you ll get the choice between pristine white sandy beaches, lush tropical gardens, and the elegant Polynesian Spa. As you ll see, each location provides a unique backdrop.

The best moment to come tetiaroa is from April to October.  At last, the atmosphere of the islands really vary according to the time frame of your photos session. Have a look at :  the best moment to organize your wedding and honeymoon.

As a Brando wedding photographer to give a few tips about this islands but if you have any other question send us an email. We ll be pleased to help you to choose the best option for you!

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Take Your Love To New Heights!

What better way to capture your special day and the spectacular natural surroundings than with Tahiti drone photography & Videography !


Aerial wedding photography in a place like Tahiti can take your special day to new heights.


Get the most out of your destination wedding with drone shots and videography that capture you, your loved ones, and the breathtaking scenery from an exciting point of view!



Extract the most out of your destination wedding with drone shots that capture you, your loved ones, and the breathtaking scenery from an exciting point of view!


With Tahiti island specular landscape that includes mountains, turquoise waters, and sandy beaches videography is the must-have for your wedding day !


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