Best Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting



If you are planning a beach wedding on Tahiti, Moorea or bora Bora chances are you’re wondering what the best time of the day for it is. We often get asked, “what’s the best time for my  wedding or photoshooting”As with many other things for your special day, the answer is “it depends.”Best Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting

What you think will be “best” all depends on your preferences and priorities. To help you decide, we have some tips for your consideration.

Before we get into details of the time of day, here are three things we’d like to mention:

– The most important recommendation we have is to choose a weekday as opposed to a weekend or holiday especially on the island of Tahiti and Moorea unless you choose to marry on a secluded island or on a private beach/hotel. The beaches are significantly less populated at any time of day during the week, allowing more seclusion for your ceremony.

– If you’re wondering about the best time of year for a beach wedding, here in Tahiti to be familiar with the various seasons. While seasons like Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are not recognized in the South Pacific, the islands have two seasons which are noticeably different.The rainy season runs from november to March, and at this time you can expect rainfall, and hotter temperatures.Overall, the best months to plan a beach wedding in the French Polynesia are from april to november. These months tend to feature milder temperatures and to be sunny.




Being a photographer, I would argue that the most important factor to consider is lighting. Let’s be real, you’re not coming all the way to Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahiti or any islands of french Polynesia and getting married on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world to just have mediocre photos. You want your wedding photos to be EPIC and capture not only your love but all the magic Tahiti has to offer.

And although it’s true that most skilled photographers can manage to take good photos of you no matter the time of the day, certain times of the day produce the type of lighting conditions that take your photos from good to epic

The information below are based on typical lighting conditions for that time of day, but the weather matters. Mother nature can make a mid-day ceremony look like dusk and dull but our technic of editing can make things looking good anyway.



Choosing a sunrise wedding or Honeymoon/couple photo session has got some major perks. The best one being that the beaches are going to pretty much be empty. Also, this is generally the time of the day when the colors are less vibrant and more yellowish.

Depending on the time of year, sunrise can vary from 5:45am-7:00am and the light is beautiful just before actual sunrise to about 2 hours after.

Also, depending on the beach and the side of the island, the best sunrise. But one of the perks in choosing a local Tahiti photographer is that we know this island like the back of our hand. We know all the beaches, all the lighting angles, and always know what time the sun is rising and setting. We are here for you and are more than happy to help you plan the best time for your Tahiti beach wedding.


                                                                                                                            MORNING FRAME 7AM to 11:00

Although it’s a non-traditional time to have a wedding or a photoshooting , this is a great time for many of our couples !

This time frame is what most of the people are looking for when they come in French Polynesia. What you can get somewhere else :  Vibrant blue sky and the ocean looks crystal clear. This time frame can be quite hot and if you can t stand the heat it s better to change the time frame. If you have sensitive eyes you might be squintting so it s better to opt for a sunrise or sunset session.

Here are a few examples of what photos look like during the morning :


A sunset wedding should be planned to start between 1h and 1h30 prior to the sun setting. There are certain beaches in French Polynesia that need to be planned even earlier because of the angle of the sun.

The lighting during this time of day is often softer yet at times more direct, helping ease the natural shadows that can occur on the face when the sun is more overhead.  Golden hour or magic hour falls during this time range, with the specific time varying depending on the time of the year.

The evening light tends to be softer and more pastel. The color of the ocean and sky tend to look dark blue and the light is very warm. It creates a romantic look for photos that lots of couples love. Keep in mind that sunset colors will all depend on mother nature that day, but the golden tones against the ocean are iconic for a photoshooting in FrenchPolynesia. Be aware that a rainy day or cloudy day won t bring any sunset and light.

Here are a few examples of Weddings & Honeymoon sunset photos:

Best Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting in Bora Bora

Best Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting in Bora BoraBest Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting in Bora BoraBest Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting in Bora BoraBest Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting in Bora BoraBest Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting in Bora Bora

There are usually cooler temperatures during this time of day and it can be more comfortable for some couples.

Late afternoon is a traditional time for ceremonies and would line you up nicely to head straight to a dinner reception. For this reason most of your hotel will automatically recommend you that time but you can ask them for an earlier ceremony if you don t want orange feel on your photos. Best Time for Your Wedding or Photoshooting


There is no best time as it all depends on what is important to the two of you. Let us know if you have questions as we’d be happy to offer our advice if you’re having trouble deciding : CONTACT 


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