Helene & Sam



Our association was born out of our joint passion for fine art and documentary photography and our desire to create stunning high-end images and videos for our clients.

We love using creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, compositions and artistic post-production refining to bring out our clients personalities and beauty while telling your wedding story. We pride ourselves on not just being photographers and videographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery

What we like the most is to work in to total freedom and not being limited in our creative process. This is why most of our shootings are done in the beautiful nature of French Polynesia and make your wedding photographs and videos stand out from the crowd.


I am passionate about images, cinema and art for many years. To me being a wedding videographer is to capture emotions and special  moments.
I like to go off the beaten tracks and gives height to my images. Create a love story unique of each couple through timeless and emotional images is the biggest challenge of any professional videographer and that s what i like to do.
I can film you on the ground and as i am also  a drone pilot certified by the D.G.A.C (equivalent to FAA in USA),  it allows me to capture all our aerial images both in video and photo.


Growing up i always loved art : drawing, painting, acting..anything that allow me to use my creative mind. I studied photography in Paris and moved right after i graduated to Bora Bora where i worked for a few years. I am now living in Papeete on Tahiti island and travel from an island to another to shoot weddings and honeymoon.

The purpose of my photography is to capture the genuine feelings that the bride, groom and their guests experience at a wedding. I am using my own sensitivity to incorporate the nuances that make you uniquely special never overlooking the emotion of the moment. I strive to approach you in a kind and unobtrusive way to give you the perfect blend of photojournalism & artistically stylish and modern portrait.

Through the last years my work has received many awarded from the International association of professional wedding Photographers called ISPWP  and i have been approached by magazines to collaborate to their visuals and to promote weddings in french polynesia.

In november 2015, i have been named as one of the “30 Rising Stars of Wedding photography by Rangefinder Magazine. After this nomination i started to work with sam who is a a skilled videographer and certified drone operator photographer.

We began to shoot brides and grooms from above with the help of a drone and our work has been noticed Internationally for its creativity. We have been featured in hundred of blogs through the world and published in newspapers like the Times, Huffington Post, Washington post and a some magazines dedicated to Weddings.

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